A house call

Dot writes: he didn’t seem like my cat any more – perhaps because he wasn’t. Today I went back to the place where I had, as I thought, seen the missing Tibby. It took some doing because I had remembered the house numbers on either side of the wall as 55 and 53 but I quickly discovered that all the numbers in that part of the road are in the hundreds, and moreover the houses look rather similar to each other; I called at 505 and was told there were no cats there before trying 515 and finding an answer I didn’t much want – viz, that they had a black cat, and he had a white spot on the breast and another on the belly, and they’d had him for a year. The owner (whose way of saying yes, incidentally, sounded like ‘ear’ – ‘Do you have a black cat with a white spot?’ ‘Ear, ear’) fetched the cat for me, so I could be sure that this was the cat I had passed the time of day with. But, alas, they got him last May, meaning that he would have had to be more than usually cunning to have been living a double life in Crumlin and then Artane until late October. He is called Ted.

Missing Tibby, take another little piece of my heart now, why don’t you.

One thought on “A house call

  1. laura

    The “Secret Life of Cats” report on tracking cats with GPS revealed a couple pets who belonged to more than one family/owner. The people were all shocked to find out about double lives. Could it be?

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