Oh Fortuna!

Ken writes:

The Irish lottery jackpot tonight is €11 million. As the son of a statistician, I know I should not buy lottery tickets because the odds are so slim. But I’m a hopeful person. In any case, I do get something for my money. I get to anticipate the lottery draw and imagine what I would do with the winnings if I struck it rich.

1. I would commission Michael Nyman to produce a piece of music, either a concerto or a quartet on the theme of philosophy. I would allow the RTÉ orchestra to do the first performance.

2. I would get our house wired with speakers in every room and a really kick ass stereo system that allows you to play different music in every room. whatever you want.

3. I’d buy five or six pubs and a microbrewery of my own to supply them

4. I’d take a long holiday in New Zealand to recharge my Kiwiness powers.

5. I’d take advice from my wife about how to spend the rest.


3 thoughts on “Oh Fortuna!

  1. Laura

    Got fingers crossed for your successful payout…but I’d really like to see the list Dot will make for the rest of your winnings!

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