Let him who is without sin…

Dot writes: Frank threw a stone. The context: the boys and I have just begun a camping holiday with my parents in Wales. The original idea was that my mum and dad would take them off our hands for the week, but the boys were both very upset at this idea, so I have come too. I have my laptop and the plan is I shall spend the week watching videos on YouTube via the campsite wifi working while their grandparents take the children to see the sights.

The boys quickly made friends with some other boys and started rushing around the campsite. The other boys had toy guns and the play was a little…dramatic, but it was all good-natured and no-one was being rough. Unfortunately, Frank picked up a stone from the path that runs down the middle of the campsite and threw it. This struck the bumper of the family opposite’s almost-new car, leaving a circular scuff mark.

So Frank is not very happy this evening. He has been told he cannot go out to play with the others until tomorrow. He said sorry to the father of the family who owned the car, who was very mild and resigned about it all (apparently it’s the mother’s car), and so he didn’t entirely understand why there had to be further consequences. But Frank finds it all too easy to do naughty things and think that a sorry makes it all magically go away ready for next time. There must be no next time. Next time it might be a tail light.

2 thoughts on “Let him who is without sin…

  1. Mairi Jay

    Poor Frank. I agree that in this day and age there is zero tolerance for boys who throw stones and dent a neighbouring car (Property, that mighty god). But he would have done fine in a different time and place. Civilisation seems to be especially hard on Frank compared with his refined and civilised brother.

    1. Dot

      Refined and civilised? It’s a while since you met Hugh, isn’t it? 🙂 Actually, Hugh while loud is really pretty good about stuff like throwing and hitting. Frank is not a bad boy, just a rather impulsive one who also doesn’t let rebukes seriously upset him (whereas Hugh is terribly hurt and upset by being told off).

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