Martha and Mary

Dot writes: Here’s a post in praise of the contemplative life. In the middle ages the cloistered orders, those who thought and prayed, were thought to have taken a holier path than those who went out and got their hands dirty in the world. This reflects a mindset that is almost incomprehensible today. But really we should all do a bit less. All our busy-ness scribbles on the world, poking it, moving it, using it up. Ecosystems would be happier without thrusting proactive humans being innovative and industrious/industrial all over them. Here are some not-things we should do more of.

Looking out of windows
Staring at the sky
Listening to waves
Not bothering to replace stuff
Solving equations in our heads
Learning Gothic
Letting the grass grow

Please add more ideas of your own in the comments.

Picture credit: Sweet Like Cinnamon. The image was taken on Dollymount Strand, which is our nearest beach and somewhere I like to be contemplative.


4 thoughts on “Martha and Mary

  1. Mairi Jay

    Watching chickens; leaving the dishes to next time; enjoying rare moments of sunshine; listening to the trees talking to each other; lying in a warm bed for another 10 minutes before venturing into the freezing cold.

  2. Mairi Jay

    I’ve decided to start looking on the bright side of life instead of taking it for granted. So I’ve started to keep a gratitude diary. Here is a list of things I’ve been grateful for over the past 24 hours:
    an electric blanket and lovely warm bed;
    my sweet cat, Lizzie, who likes to take up half the bed (the warmest half, naturally) and greet me with a lick of her rough tongue in the morning;
    sunshine – yes, we had a lovely sunny day yesterday;
    my wonderful computer, which keeps me in touch with the world;
    my chickens, including the ungrateful Gloria;
    still being able to put my socks on in the morning;
    Polly’s obedience; she is an amazingly obedient little dog.

    1. kenanddot

      What a lovely idea, Mairi. I’m unbelievably stressed at the moment with my childcare situation so something like this might be rather a good idea for me. A calming exercise.

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