Frank starts school

Dot writes: Frank was so, so ready for school. He is already almost five, is physically tall and strong, draws and colours with confidence, can count pretty well, is sociable and confident, and was bored with the resources in his play school. But when, on Thursday, I finally dropped him off for the first time in Ms Hogan’s class, I couldn’t help but have a little snuffle as I left the building. It’s a cliché, but – where did my baby go?


Frank marched confidently into the classroom and said to the teacher “Hello. You remember me – I’m Frank.” Then he started playing. It was Hugh, now elevated to the ranks of first class, who wanted kisses and hugs and multiple goodbyes.

Here are another couple of nice photos of them from our trip to Wales with my parents a few weeks ago.

20140810_125940 20140815_152607

2 thoughts on “Frank starts school

  1. Katimum

    Something I have just noticed about the ‘Starting School’ pictures is that Frank seems to have a school bag twice the size of Hugh’s. Is it for all the extra lunch he will need?

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