Dot writes: recently Hugh found romance with a girl in his class. We heard from her parents that Ella was drawing love-hearts with ‘Hugh’ written in them in her books and proposed to marry him next week. He told me that the people he loved most in the world were me, Ken, Ella and Storm (Storm is a Senior Infant who is, says Hugh, ‘very cute’. We notice that Frank didn’t make the list).

But then it was all off. Whether Storm had something to do with this, we didn’t know, but apparently it was over. This evening, driving to Boys’ Brigade, Hugh decided to tell me and Frank about it.

Hugh, mournfully: I’ve lost my love. Ella has quitted marrying me.

Me: Why is that?

Hugh: I don’t know, she just quitted marrying me. She won’t give her permission and you need both people’s permission to get married. Now I can’t play chase the girls anymore. I will have to play a different game. [????]

Frank: In the Spiderman programme that girl says they aren’t ready.

Hugh: Yes, maybe we’re just not ready.

I texted Ella’s mum who said that perhaps they would feel ready when they had both turned seven.


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