Hugh is seven!

Dot writes:
On Saturday our elder boy turned seven.

He had five friends round for a party, which I considered our most successful children’s party so far in that not only did the children apparently enjoy themselves, getting vigorously stuck in to all the games we organised – I was heartened by the enthusiasm with which a bunch of six- and seven-year-old boys participated in a dancing competition – but also Ken and I remembered to do things that sensible parents do, such as have a bag by the door for the presents so they didn’t all get opened and strewn around during the party. The cake was bought (bad mummy, not that Hugh minded), but the party bags were not crammed with sweets (good mummy): instead, there were inexpensive prizes for all the games and the kids got to take those home. The giant pencils seemed to be the most desirable items. Hugh ended up not winning any of the prizes at his own party, but he didn’t whinge a bit. And that above anything illustrates what a big boy he has become.

We are very proud of him.


4 thoughts on “Hugh is seven!

  1. Mairi Jay

    OK Alice and Andrew, you know what the Catholics say, “Have a child until he’s 7 and he’s formed for life.” You can now sit back and admire your handiwork.

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