Sexuality sorted, now for religion

Dot writes: Frank listens carefully in his religious studies lessons at school. Here’s a snippet from today’s serious car conversation.

Frank: Jesus was white wasn’t he?
Me or Ken, can’t remember: He came from the Middle East, so he was probably a lot darker than us. But probably not black like Tunde [the very nice Nigerian boy who babysat them yesterday and was a big hit].
Frank: He was white because he never made any mistakes.
Us: Um…
Frank: And he died on the cross for our sins. The cross in the road. He was in the road and a car came along and squished him.
Us: Ummmmm…

I think Frank is confusing cross and crossroad. But, anyway, we hardly knew where to start with all this, and I was busy having shameful silent giggles as well. We might need to turn this particular conversation over to Granddad.


4 thoughts on “Sexuality sorted, now for religion

    1. Dot

      I’d be really surprised if there had been any intentional discussion of the race of Jesus in Frank’s class – it’s a pretty right-on school, very inclusive – but five-year-olds sometimes understand things in very odd ways. I remember thinking that She’s Leaving Home by the Beatles was about someone who fell downstairs and broke her leg.

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