Dot writes: Hugh had just been jumped on by Frank and was cast into deep woe. Weeping, he spoke in full-throated tones:

“My brother is a man without a heart, a man without a soul. He hurt my neck… I am nothing in this family. I am just sand in the fireplace. I’m a thing left to be burnt.”

I’ve left a few bits out that I don’t remember properly, but he genuinely said all this. He’s seven.

7 thoughts on “Oratory

  1. Katimum

    I always thought he might become an actor – perhaps a playwright as well, doing modern tragedy of the more poetic kind.

    1. kenanddot

      He needs to sort out his metaphors. Sand in the fireplace doesn’t burn. But it was an impressive performance, couched in a surprisingly formal idiom.

  2. Katimum

    I took it that the sand was what was left when everything else had burnt. And what has he been reading/listening to recently?

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