Frank’s story

Ken writes:

I like this as a piece of calligraphy really. I guess watching Dot writing short stories has inspired Frank to give it a go.

The story of Igrum the builder
The story of Igrum the builder

From the bottom left:

Igrum ros
a budr one ivn
hi had the tyicn
pox ren hi had tht
ticine pox ali
ns yrived afd the
aliens a

That should be:

Igrum was a builder. One evening he had the chicken pox. When he had the chicken pox aliens arrived. After the aliens a…

Obviously he asked me and Hugh how to spell various words but it was sometimes lost in translation. The r/w thing is interesting (when/ren ros/was). We have trouble spelling things out for him, because he has learnt different names for the letters. Hugh has learned the older names, but for Frank the ee-sound is the name of i as in ink, not e as in egg. Of course, it’s not hard to adjust one’s practice to accommodate, except that I speak with a Kiwi accent so I have real difficulty getting the name sounds right for an Irish kid. When I say ee, it is the sound of egg (because when I say ‘egg’ it sounds a bit like Eek!). i as in ‘ink’ sounds like u and all the other vowels are switched around too.


3 thoughts on “Frank’s story

  1. Katimum

    Between Irish and Kiwi and letter pronunciation systems, poor Frank doesn’t stand a chance! I find it curious that he started at the bottom and worked upwards – not even right to left as in Hebrew.

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