Current music

Dot writes: I thought I’d write one of my periodic listening diaries, so people could glance at it and think “Aha, that’s what a late-thirties mum in Dublin is listening to, then, I must immediately rush out and buy all of it”; and then it occurred to me that, just for once, this really is a list not just of my current music but of music that is actually current, as in, out pretty recently. Or very recently. Or, indeed, not quite yet, in the case of one of these. So, what’s hot with a late-thirties mum:

Ainslie Wills – Oh the Gold (EP)

This came out about a month ago and it’s just lovely. Ainslie Wills’s voice is clear, precise and yet relaxed, sliding so easily over her melodies. Beautiful songs to lodge in your head, with some satisfyingly non-obvious chord sequences.

Taylor Swift – 1989 / Ryan Adams – 1989

I probably wouldn’t have bought any Taylor Swift if Ryan Adams hadn’t decided to cover her entire album. I knew some of her songs and they’re clever and catchy, but the production is a bit too pop for me. However, when his version came out (on 21st September) I decided to get both and…I prefer the original, pop production and all. But it’s fun listening to both, and it’s lovely that artists whose audiences are so different – and I’m definitely much more in his demographic than hers – should have such a strong mutual respect. Also it’s enjoyable spotting how he deals with all the pronouns and the gendered imagery in her songs; often he simply reverses pronouns, but he stops short of expecting his ex to remember him “standing in my nice dress” in “Wildest Dreams”, which rather shifts the balance of the song. “Style” is probably my favourite song on both versions.

The Paper Kites – Twelvefour

This dreamy folk-rock album came out a couple of months ago, but it took me a little time first to get obsessed with the single (the clip above) and then to wait for my CD to arrive from JB Hi-Fi in Australia – for this hasn’t been released in the UK or Ireland. It ought to be.

Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves

I don’t listen to the radio much but get most of my music recommendations from social media. However, I had the radio on in the car when I was driving somewhere with the boys and the single above came on. Hugh and I really liked it so I’ve pre-ordered the album. It’s pretty rock in a very hooky, radio-friendly way, while the vocalist reminds me somewhat of Thom Yorke. The album may not be out yet but I already have 7 of the 16(!) tracks; they seem to be steadily releasing more and more of it. The whole thing should be out on the 16th of this month. I’m looking forward to it.


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