‘Ken’ and ‘Dot’ (not their real names) are a married couple with two sons, Hugh, born November 2007, and Francis (Frank), born September 2009. Ken is from Hamilton, New Zealand, and Dot is from Norfolk in England but they now live in Dublin. Dot teaches Old English literature and Ken is a former philosopher turned brewer. This blog was set up to host their miscellaneous thoughts on topics such as current affairs, hills and mountains, language, philosophy and fiction, but it is also a family diary. Latterly we seem to be thinking mostly about music (Dot) and beer (Ken).

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Ken! (Don’t worry, I won’t reveal your identity in this public forum)
    Jill from the Temple philosophy department here. Dr. O sent me this here link to the window into your lovely life. A hearty mazel tov all around is in order!
    Consider me a regular reader. Love to you and Dot and Prawn!


  2. Dot

    I (Dot, that is), do breastfeed, but I don’t wet-nurse, meaning I’ve never nursed a baby other than my own. I don’t know anyone who wet-nurses, or at least no-one who makes it public.

  3. On your blog, I did not get (I may have missed) your
    specific reforms (if any) for English spellings, and how to implement them, in a democratic set-up. Please
    send me your email-address. Please see E01, E02, E15
    on my website. Symbol-sound relations for Indian languages may differ from those for English.

  4. Gillian

    Hello Ken and Dot:

    I am interested in using a photo off your blog in a presentation I am doing. Could you please send me your email address, and we can discuss it?

    Thank you! Enjoy your site!

    1. kenanddot

      Hi Gillian. Which photo would that be and what is the presentation about? I expect we’d be quite happy for you to use a photo.


  5. Dale Johnston

    Found a link on Murray’s facebook..and realise just how long it is since I last had contact..
    Hugh is quite a young man already.
    And I don’t feel any older at all..apart from 2 hip replacements, and obviously 5-6 years more living I am exactly the same as I was! We are lucky enough to enjoy Doug’s grandaughter Lola who lives about 10mins drive away..she will be 3 in November. They make sense of all the nuisances of ageing. All is simply life’s rich and shitty tapestry, your attitude depending where you are in the picture.
    But love to all, Dale

    1. kenanddot

      Thanks for the note. Lovely to hear from you. You’re lucky to be so close to Lola. Hugh’s closest grandparents are several hundred kilometres away. We find it rather cuts down on their opportunities for babysitting!

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