New brew kit

Ken writes:

I’ve just ordered a new boiler to replace the large pot I have been using to brew things up on the stove. It turns out that the pot can’t fit on our new hob, which is gas and therefore higher up off the the counter top then the last one. The pot is so large it sits over two elements and extends over the sides of the hob. Unfortunately, the skirting on the underside of the upper cabinets comes down too far and there simply isn’t enough space between hob and cabinet skirting to fit the pot. I would vote for ditching the skirting, but then you’d be able to see the under cabinet lights, which wouldn’t look very nice. Dot insisted. Dot’s mum has also been advocating the benefits of a dedicated boiler to me, so this is a chance to turn a kitchen crisis into an opportunity.

I’m looking forward to taking the new kit for a test drive. It’s high time I brewed another dark beer like a stout or a dark mild. I just don’t have any appetite for light coloured beers on dark winter nights. I’m looking forward to experimenting with steeping darker malts separately after reading this post at the Beersmith blog. I think I may have been mashing my darker grains too long and getting a harsher more bitter brew as a result. This is especially true of the last two dark beers I brewed which used quite a lot of roasted barley.


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